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Re:energise your story

As the world moves faster towards lower-carbon and renewable energy, new paradigms are emerging. As well as a host of challenges, the energy transition is creating exciting new growth opportunities across the sector.

To capitalise on these dynamic conditions, your brand needs to connect and resonate with those tasked with the challenge of decarbonisation. That isn’t easy. Decision makers are faced with multiple renewable and low-carbon technologies, further compounded by the need to balance complex business operations, competing priorities, regulatory uncertainty and intense cost pressures.

All of this makes it harder than ever to be seen and heard. But with the right approach, it’s possible to re:energise your brand, cut through the noise and win.  

Establish a clear position

There’s no scope for ambiguity in an increasingly complex, highly competitive energy industry. Buyers don’t have time to figure out what it is you do and how it could help them. Your value proposition needs to be crystal clear.

It’s not about telling the world what a great company you are. Your messaging needs to convey a deep understanding of your target audience’s unique needs, wants and pain points. It has to clearly articulate what sets you apart from your competitors, and communicate the benefits and outcomes customers can expect from your solutions. And it needs to inspire confidence, demonstrating your credibility as experts in your field.

In a crowded market, a clear, compelling value proposition is the foundation of a strong brand identity that enables you to differentiate, build trust and grow faster. 

Tell stories creatively

No matter how rational we like to think we are, research tells us that emotions play a big role in B2B decision-making. Creative, intelligent storytelling helps to simplify complex offerings and humanise brands through relatable narratives that resonate with target audiences.

Stories are inherently more engaging than dry data or product specifications. Whilst detailed, fact-based messaging is essential, building creative narratives and visuals around your offering helps to capture audience attention and make campaigns more effective.

Despite this, most B2B brands play safe, mistakenly believing that creative ideas and storytelling could undermine perceptions of their business as a serious solutions provider. This presents a great opportunity for brands willing to break convention and stand out from the crowd.

Be consistent

Consistent messaging builds familiarity and brand recognition, making it easier for decision makers to recall your offering when they’re ready to initiate a purchasing decision.

A harmonious story also helps bring your own team on board and get all departments aligned, ensuring customers get the same experience across every brand touchpoint.   

Building brand awareness and reputation takes time. It demands continuous effort and investment to position your offering as a viable solution in the minds of customers involved in complex decision-making processes, and to nurture them through the different stages of the sales funnel. 

Tell your story in the right places

Reaching the right decision makers at the right moment needs a strategic, research-based approach to determine the optimal combination of content, channels and timing.

This means developing detailed buyer personas whilst segmenting your target audience. Using data and analytics to constantly monitor and assess the performance of your marketing campaigns will help you refine your targeting and messaging strategies over time.

Choose the right partner

A good marketing agency should be pivotal in helping clients achieve their business objectives and targets. At Emberson Marketing, our deep experience in the energy sector helps ambitious brands reenergise and grow. Our specialist team fuses innovation with action to convert big ideas into bottom-line results.

In the coming months we’ll be sharing our thoughts on new challenges and opportunities emerging around specific energy types, namely lower-carbon oil and gas, blue and green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, and offshore wind. 

Discover how we could re:energise your brand and drive faster growth – get in touch today.