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Supporting the drive for a gender-balanced energy industry

The world’s transition to a more sustainable, secure energy system is a tough rebalancing challenge. To achieve it, the industry needs fresh perspectives and ideas to drive innovative new solutions. One way to support this is to improve gender diversity across the sector.  

Which is why Emberson Marketing is proud to be sponsoring POWERful Women’s 2023 Annual Conference. POWERful Women (Pfw) is a professional initiative working to address the continued underrepresentation of women at the top of the UK energy industry and in the leadership pipeline. 

Pfw’s latest data shows that board and leadership roles remain male-dominated, and women in middle management continue to face career barriers. Women hold just 29% of board seats across the top 80 UK energy businesses, and almost a quarter of those companies have no women on the board. Whilst some progress has been made further down the ladder, women still make up just 32% of middle management roles and 31% of leadership roles.

November’s conference will examine ways to accelerate the journey to a diverse, inclusive gender-balanced energy industry to ensure the sector gains the talent required for the transition to net zero.

Our decision to sponsor the conference isn’t just about promoting Emberson Marketing within one of our specialist sectors. Attending the event will give us an invaluable opportunity to listen and learn more about one of the energy industry’s key challenges, and to understand how we can support through marketing and communication.

Brand reputation, for example, plays a critical role in a company’s ability to attract and retain talent. And whilst energy companies may be investing in initiatives to attract more women, their efforts aren’t always captured successfully in brand messaging and positioning. It’s vital to bring your diversity goals, initiatives and successes to life through engaging stories for external and internal audiences. Doing so helps to reenergise brands looking to lead the way in a fast-changing world.

Sponsorship of the event is also important given our own commitment to diversity here at Emberson Marketing. We’re part of a group with a 57% female team, committed to promoting health, happiness and success through a holistic approach to wellbeing. It’s important for us that everyone is able to keep a visible distinction between work life and home life, and that there are no unnecessary barriers to embracing opportunities to achieve career ambitions.

We’re looking forward to taking part in the POWERful Women Conference. We’ll be reflecting on our learnings and sharing key takeaways after the event - watch this space!