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Taking the lead in the fluids market


The fluids market in the oil & gas industry had become commoditised with the value of fluid services being lost within integrated service contracts. Newpark wanted to assert the value that a fluid specialist delivers for clients and increase their market visibility to grow their market share.


Emberson conducted in-depth interviews with customers and key stakeholders combined with facilitated workshop sessions, as part of our proven process, to discover a differentiated position and proposition for Newpark. We identified that Newpark expertise and their service advantage meant that they consistently anticipated the needs of their customers to keep them ahead of their challenges.


We took the new ‘Anticipation’ brand positioning to market alongside a refreshed brand identity that was developed to embrace fluids more visually, reinforcing the Newpark positioning as a fluids specialist. This was launched through new website content, a digital marketing campaign across email and LinkedIn, and sales and marketing materials executed across multiple channels promoting the brand and key offerings.


Newpark have significantly increased the visibility of the value they deliver and have been gaining market share in target regions and for key market offerings such as, water-based fluid systems and geothermal. We are continuing to work alongside Newpark developing new campaigns that are supporting them in achieving their strategic business objectives.