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Bringing smarter decisions to marine fleets


FUELTRAX is a market leader for Electronic Fuel Management Systems (EFMS) in the marine industry. As new players emerged looking for opportunities in this space – FUELTRAX turned to us to help shape a brand and marketing strategy to keep them firmly at number one.


We held a series of workshops with the client team to develop value propositions for different target audiences. These messages were designed to sit under a central proposition that would run through all communications: Make Smarter Decisions.
The core creative idea was born from FUELTRAX ability to empower individuals to make the right decisions at the right time – based on data-driven insights – all the way from the vessel’s wheelhouse to the boardroom.


This new proposition became a thread throughout each of our campaigns, alongside striking new visuals that highlighted the customer value of their offering and a distinctive, confident, brand-inspired tone of voice. We brought the proposition to life across a whole range of channels and campaigns, from social posts and e-newsletters to thought leadership articles and compelling videos.


By building a brand position that communicates the superior quality of the system and the value it delivers against inferior competitors – we kept the ‘new players’ at bay. FUELTRAX significantly increased brand visibility and engagement with their target audiences across a wide range of regions, while also securing a strong sales pipeline of warm leads and hot prospects.