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Relaunching a brand for growth


Launching a future-proof cloud portfolio with gpm

gpm is an established player in providing software development services to the London insurance broking market. When a new ownership and management team took over the business, they wanted to take the gpm brand and marketing to the next level to drive growth.

Over the past few years, a combination of factors, including increasing requirements for remote access, more comprehensive audit trails and a need for better security and efficiency, has amplified the market’s appetite for more straightforward software solutions.

As a traditional marketplace, digitalisation has been viewed with caution previously. However, changing dynamics in the industry have led to a new appetite for cloud-based insurance broking solutions.


gpm was perfectly positioned to help customers with their vast market experience by creating a suite of cloud-based apps built on a single platform that customers could access flexibly in a streamlined and standardised way.

Through positioning workshops with the gpm team, we helped them to be clear about their narrative and how to communicate this in a relevant and engaging way in alignment with the needs of the market. The core proposition we identified was that gpm had their customers covered now and in the future with a flexible, future-proof platform.


We developed a refreshed brand identity that reflected the modern and forward-thinking outlook of gpm. The identity was accompanied by new messaging that communicated how gpm is leading the way in cloud solutions streamlining broking processes at every stage of the London broking journey.

Emberson helped gpm develop a brand strategy that supported their plans to transition existing customers and bring their products together under one brand for their broking platform, inFOCUS. Each of the apps on the platform was given simple names that reflected their functionality within the broking process, making it easy for customers to navigate the offering.

This straightforward functionality of their software was reflected in the rebrand of the website, which used eye-catching visuals and simple navigation to guide and inform new and existing customers. A regular e-newsletter and social campaign supported the rebrand to increase their visibility and drive adoption of the inFocus platform and apps.


The refreshed brand identity and greater visibility of gpm in the London insurance market has increased customer engagement and led to more interest in their products. This has resulted in more meaningful conversations with existing and potential customers about future solutions and an increase in sales opportunities for the team to follow up.