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Communicating Sensia's expanded offering


As part of the creation of Sensia, a joint venture between SLB and Rockwell Automation, the oil & gas process safety business of Rockwell Automation was contributed to Sensia.

Sensia wanted to ensure that existing customers and the market knew that the process safety offering was now part of Sensia and to drive sales by effectively communicating the value of process safety.


attendees across webinar series


increase in web traffic


new prospects added to database


Our integrated campaign targeted Sensia customers and prospects through email and LinkedIn to drive them to an array of new process safety content we created for the website – as well as registration for a series of webinar sessions.

The webinar sessions proved crucial. Our high-quality presentation and digital webinar platform enabled us to gain valuable insights from interactions during the sessions and surveys. The platform also contained all the information the sales team needed for effective post-webinar follow-ups.

To help build support for Sensia from within their sales organisations, we went one step further. A sales enablement communications package increased process safety knowledge to help Sensia employees identify opportunities to engage their specialists.


Considered a huge success by the client. The campaign recorded positive performances against all metrics and business objectives. High levels of engagement with social media and email resulted in increased web traffic and registration for the series of webinar sessions – generating engaged marketing qualified leads (MQL) to pass on to the sales team.